Daniel Christian Birch was born in Hull, England in December 1976 and is the second son of Robert and Barbara Birch. Most of his childhood was spent on Bransholme, Hull, where it was rough but was equally a place where a child had so much to do.

When Daniel was a young boy, he was getting bullied at school and it was his father’s decision that he needed to toughen up, so it was then that he joined a Karate club and by the time Daniel was 14; he was a black belt in Wado-Ryu Karate and participated in many fighting competitions. To aid his quest at becoming a well-rounded fighter, Daniel also took up boxing at both Kinloss boxing Academy and St. Paul’s boxing club.

After leaving School at 16, and not doing very well in his exams, Daniel took various jobs just to keep the money coming in. Throughout most of his twenties, Daniel worked different jobs with not many prospects. It was one of these jobs, that inspired him to work on his first book, Clipped, which was published in 2009.

After finding work at a local Solicitors firm, Daniel kept on writing and his second book ‘Get Some’ was released in 2010, achieving the ranking of best-seller, six months later.

Daniels latest book ‘The Gravedigger’ was published world wide September 2014.

Daniel is currently writing scripts and is also in collaboration with some local artists in Hull on a soon to be released graphic novel. Watch this space...